Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bribing the words

I’ve had a work of fiction brewing for a little while now. But every time I start working on a new idea, I never seem to actually follow through with completing it.

I have several stories in various stages. Just when I think I’m getting somewhere, I stall then quit writing. Then I go back to it later, start over again, stall, then quit. And the cycle continues. It’s been this way for nearly a decade now.

This newest fiction idea I have, though, is different. I think. And yet my approach seems to be somewhat the same.

I sat down one day and used the snowflake method to flesh out the idea. By the end of that writing session, I had fleshed out a full-blown synopsis. And then I stopped there.

Starting is typically the hardest part. Getting the words flowing when the pen is dry and ink doesn’t want to flow is the worst. But I know when I start writing, the words will eventually begin to flow.

I’ve decided for this book idea I’m going to simply let it go. I’ll write anything and everything that comes to me. I’ll fire the internal editor. (She needs a vacation anyway.) I’ll just write. And when it’s time to edit, I’ll edit.

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